HIIT Your Hormones

High-intensity interval training has been nearly researched to death when it comes to its metabolic and fat-burning prowess, but recent results indicate that HIIT is arguably more important for women than it is for men.
HIIT Your Hormones – Oxygen Magazine (Summer Edition 2019)

One of the best-known natural ways to promote hormonal balance is through exercise, and through intensity-based training, women can unleash the power of the key hormones that will help them reach their fitness goals. But how does exercise affect your hormones? SHOCK co-creator Hayden Steele answers this question in a recent interview with Jill Schildhouse in the 2019 Summer Edition of Oxygen Magazine.

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“Hormones are like tiny traffic cops directing biochemical messages that regulate everything,” explains Hayden Steele, CSCS, NSCA, CSCCA, and developer of the Shock: Women’s Fitness.”