Why I’m Livin SFH


I’m honored and proud to say that as of last week I agreed to become an ambassador for SFH; an exclusive group which includes two New York Times best-selling authors. This is a deeper relationship than I have with any other company, and it’s a relationship that I value and take seriously. I took this decision serious enough to seek wise counsel from two very influential people in the fitness industry before I agreed to become an ambassador. Seeking council has nothing to do with my confidence in SFH. Seeking counsel is how I live my life! At a young age, my mom taught me, “before you make any big decision, seek counsel from those smarter than you are.” And…I listen to my mom!

Why I’m Livin SFH

I’ve used SFH products for the last two years. I treat my body like a car. I try to put the best fuel in my tank so that I can run as efficiently as possible. That’s what you get with SFH. You’re not going to look at the ingredient list and see 100—different added ingredients not knowing what half of them are. You’re going to see 3 or 4 different ingredients.

Let me share with you SFH’s mission statement:
“Our mission is to offer products that are backed by science and made with ingredients that are free of soy and gluten while adhering to a strict standard of transparency. This commitment provides peace of mind that SFH gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t, on your journey to becoming STRONGER. FASTER. HEALTHIER.”

People gravitate toward authentic individuals because they know they can trust them. Authenticity is very important to me. I’m not going to promote anything I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. SFH’s mission statement goes hand-in-hand with mine. Their transparency and commitment to offering products backed by science using the highest quality ingredients is something I’m very excited to promote. Thank you SFH for this opportunity, it’s an honor and a privilege. #LivinSFH

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