Reebok Has A New Face…A Superhero Named Gal Gadot

Reebok x Gal Gadot

I’m very excited to be partnered with Reebok, and even more excited to promote the Reebok x Gal Gadot collection! Why am I excited about this? I’m excited about this because Wonderwoman Gal Gadot represents strength. Gal is a strong woman, and Reebok is a strong brand. I think that she’s the perfect fitness role model for women, and as one passionate about this subject matter who is building a fitness app specifically for women, this Reebok campaign is something I firmly stand behind and support!

Reebok x Wonderwoman 

So…how did Reebok and Gal join forces? According to Reebok’s website: 

“Over the last year, actress Gal Gadot has emerged as a worldwide symbol of confidence, defiant courage, and strength. And at Reebok, we’re on a similar quest to help women discover their inner strength.

Now, Gadot and Reebok have teamed up to inspire women and future generations to embrace fitness as a way to become the best version of
themselves—physically, mentally, and socially.

“I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who was a gym teacher, so the importance of having someone push me out of my comfort zone and being active – and the benefits of it – were ingrained in me as a young girl,” says Gadot, who is the latest woman to join Reebok.”

Reebok’s Vision

Reebok’s vision goes hand-in-hand with my vision for Steelefit™:

“We envision a future where humans return to their roots. A future where we recognize that each of us is a living, breathing, walking, talking, running, climbing, jumping, laughing, caring miracle—a miracle that happens only once.

Through tough fitness, we will push each other to honor the body we’ve been given because we have only one body to honor. We will endure sweat, tears and even a bit of blood. We will flip tires, sprint hills, and do push-ups until we can’t do them any longer. Why do we do this? We certainly aren’t flipping tires to be better tire flippers. We’re doing it to be better, period. Better leaders; better parents; better stronger, more determined humans—capable of anything. We do it to honor our bodies and sharpen our minds—to be more human.”

I’m excited about this partnership and will be adding more products the next few weeks, so make sure and check back!


I’m honored and fortunate to have a reputable company like Reebok as an affiliate. While it’s true I have a partnership with this company and make a small percentage off of the sales; I would never put my name on something I didn’t trust. All of the products on this website have the Steelefit™ stamp of approval.

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