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I am Hayden Steele, husband, strength coach, fitness professional. I have worked with professional athletes, actors, models, and fitness competitors, but I get the most joy and satisfaction in helping people like you, get strong, healthy, and fit. You deserve to feel and to be your best, and I believe through a lifestyle focused on fitness and health, you can be unstoppable!


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Listen to what Anthony Hill has to say about working out with Hayden. Anthony is an actor and former collegiate football player who has trained with Hayden. Anthony will appear as Mr. Carmichael in the new film Faith Under Fire. He has appeared in Scream: The TV Series, Silicon Valley, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, N.C.I.S. Los Angeles, Looking, and Fuller House among others.

Hayden’s diverse training experience makes him unique as a professional fitness trainer. He has over a decade of training experience working with models, fitness competitors, five first-round NFL draft picks, and over twenty professional athletes. He gets the most joy and satisfaction, helping people like you become healthy, strong, and fit.